Delivery Terms and Conditions

Delivery Terms and Conditions

Before your delivery

It is important to notify Andi-Co or our delivery partner (agent) if there are any stairs, obstacles, narrow doors, slopping driveways, or any other obstructions that may make the delivery difficult to complete.

Our free delivery service includes delivery into a ground floor (maximum three steps) location into a room of your choice. Product will be delivered and packed ready for your installer to unpack and install. The delivery will be made using appropriate material handling equipment which requires solid surfaces that can bear the load and clear access for the width and height of the appliance, as well as room to navigate corners etc. Anything additional to this may incur additional charges.

A delivery date will be pre-booked with our third-party logistics company or warehouse team. The morning of your delivery you will be given a time frame for delivery. Your delivery must be signed for and cannot be left without a signature.

Once you receive delivery, please ensure that all items are correct and undamaged. If there are any issues with your delivery or order, please contact our sales support team on 1800 685 899.


Preparing for your delivery

  • Ensure you have advised an Andi-Co agent of difficult access, stairs, steep driveways, narrow paths, limited parking, and elevator access if applicable.
  • Ensure a clear path & access for your appliance to be trolleyed into your property.
  • Protect any floors you want to avoid getting damaged, dirty, or wet from trolley wheels or work boots.
  • Ensure animals are in an enclosed area separate from the delivery area & access.


What our delivery staff cannot do:

The well-being of our delivery drivers, your safety, and the safety of your property are of utmost importance to us. In situations where the delivery cannot be executed safely, we regrettably cannot proceed with the delivery. We prioritise the safety and security of both our team and your valued shipment.  If the delivery person believes that the route to a location or a location itself is unsafe for the appliance to be delivered, then the delivery person will deliver the appliance to a location mutually agreed upon, if the route and location are considered safe and practical.

Delivery staff cannot:

  • Remove their safety boots.
  • Lift any heavy items over bannisters, obstructions or through windows to deliver merchandise.
  • Remove doors or other fixtures.
  • Make modifications to the appliance to allow it to fit into the location.
  • Move any furniture/household goods, which may obstruct the delivery of the appliance. If obstacles are encountered the appliance may be delivered to that point.
  • Do any cabinetry work.
  • Do any plumbing work, including disconnecting and connecting.
  • Locate your appliance anywhere above the ground floor (without prior notice).


Home delivery terms and Conditions

  • If, on arrival, the premises are unattended the delivery person will wait for 15 minutes, and if still unattended, will then leave. Where this happens, Andi-Co Australia Pty Ltd will send you an SMS / Text so another delivery day can be arranged which may take up to 48hrs and a “Futile Delivery” fee may be charged.
  • The customer must ensure that the delivery vehicle can park immediately outside the entrance to the property, allowing for a vehicle measuring up to 12.5 metres long to park. Any applicable parking charges are the responsibility of the customer. If suitable parking is not provided, then Andi-Co Australia Pty Ltd will send you an SMS / Text so another delivery day can be arranged which may take up to 48hrs and a “Futile Delivery” fee may be charged.
  • The delivery person will take reasonable care but cannot guarantee that floors or walls will not get dirty, wet, or incur minor scuffing or minor indentations during the delivery process. Andi-Co Australia Pty Ltd strongly advises that the customer provides adequate safe floor and wall coverings to protect them.


Click here to download a copy of our Delivery Terms and Conditions.